Who We Are

Africa-Based Support (ABS), with its four convenient locations in Nairobi, Kenya, is a ministry of Africa Inland Mission, an evangelical Christian mission agency dedicated to seeing Christ-centered churches established among all African peoples.

Our nine different departments, made up of both missionary and national staff, are committed to empowering AIM Members, as wells as those from other like-minded organizations, to better disciple the peoples of Africa. We demonstrate this Christ-like caring support by providing effective provision of quality services.

The ABS teams understand that missionary needs can be vastly different and unique, and we are always working to better assist missionaries while they are on the field.

Charles Mungaithi, ABS Director

Charles Mungaithi, ABS Director

Charles Mungaithi was appointed the Director of Africa Inland Mission’s Africa-Based Support in December 2015. He oversees the nine different departments within ABS and ensures that they run effectively and efficiently. He also works closely with the ABS Board to guarantee that the vision of Africa-Based Support is fulfilled (see ABS Core Values). Before his appointment as the ABS Director, Charles had worked for ABS for 16 years, rising through the ranks to become the Chief Finance Officer.

Charles is married to Elizabeth, and they have three young children.


Contact Information

email: director.abs@aimint.org

Judi Troutman, Associate Director

Judi Troutman, Associate Director

Judi Troutman joined Africa-Based Support as the Associate Director in 2012. She helps the ABS Director in a variety of ways, including overseeing general administration of all Africa-Based Support departments, helping the human resources department manage missionary personnel, and assisting with national staff management.

Judi began her career with Africa Inland Mission by teaching at the School of Nursing in Kijabe, Kenya, where she worked for ten years. In 1997, she began her journey through leadership and administrative roles–Regional Administrator, Short-Term Coordinator, and Personnel Coordinator–in both the Eastern and Central Region offices.

Judi has lived in Uganda for two years and Nairobi for fourteen.

Contact Information

email: associatedirector.abs@aimint.org

We are God-centered.

  • Our highest calling is to bring glory to God.
  • We are committed to being disciples of our Lord Jesus Christ.
  • We are committed to being Christ-like in character, both corporately and individually.
  • Prayer is foundational to all we do.

We are ministry-focused.

  • We strive to provide Christ-like caring support to those who use our services.
  • Both our services, and those who serve, will be characterized by professionalism.
  • We strive to act honorably in all our ministry activities.
  • We strive to be prudent stewards of all our resources.

We are relationally-oriented.

  • We strive for unity in all our relationships.
  • We commit ourselves to maintaining and enhancing the well being of our families.
  • ABS personnel seek out opportunities to disciple, mentor, and nurture others.
  • We strive to develop and maintain partnerships that enhance ministry and glorify God.
  • We respect diversity and strive to understand our host culture.
  • We strive for open and clear communication, both internally and externally.

Africa-Based Support uses the Policy Governance Model to govern itself. The Board is comprised of a Chairman and seven to nine other members. A quorum of five members is needed for any voting and decision making.

A majority of the Board members are from Africa Inland Mission, but at any given time, there are some from outside our organization who have skills and experiences that are necessary contributions to the good governance of Africa-Based Support.

If you would like more information about the members serving on the Board or would like to see a copy of the ABS Board Policy Manual, please contact the ABS Director or Associate Director.

Global Ends Statement:

With priority for the unreached, Africa Inland Mission and partners respectively enabled to disciple the peoples of Africa with appropriate support. Africa Based Support beneficiaries receive accessible, affordable, safe, requisite, practicable, and reliable support.