AIM Care: Missionary Counselling

Since 1991, AIM Care has provided counselling and support services for missionaries at the Tumaini Counselling Center in Nairobi, Kenya. Missionary life has its unique situations and challenges, and our trained counselors at Tumaini, who are missionaries themselves, are dedicated to strengthening and guiding God’s servants as they follow His call.

Counseling services are provided primarily at our Karen (Nairobi), Kenya and Kampala, Uganda offices. In situations when it is appropriate, we also provide distance counseling services over secure video conference platforms such as Zoom.

Both offices have loaning libraries for the missionary community’s use. The Karen office as peaceful gardens with a large pavilion with picnic tables as well as a large conference hall for meetings.

Information regarding our services during the pandemic can be found at

How We Serve

  • Counselling individuals, couples, and families
  • Providing psychiatric care, diagnosis, and medication management
  • Conducting mid- and end-of-term debriefings
  • Offering crisis and post-trauma care
  • Teaching at workshops and seminars – see our webinar on “COVID-19 and the Global Worker” at
  • Meeting with clients via video conferencing such as Zoom
  • Providing topical resources on our website – for example see

Who We Serve

Our counselors meet with members of the Africa Inland Mission community and members from over 160 other like-minded ministries. Our clients live in more than 35 countries in Africa and come from 25 different sending nations.