We know you have plenty of things to deter and distract you from your ministry. Often getting essential supplies, visiting friends and family, finding good medical care, and avoiding the upheaval from political instability can be a time consuming and emotionally straining challenge. It can leave you feeling cut off from the rest of the world.

We fly so you can rest assured: We are standing by, ready, for your phone call. In the unlikely event you need immediate care (maybe a poisonous snake bite or civil war?) we are ready to start an evacuation response to come to the airstrip closest to you.

We fly so you can stay focused: We want you to be able to maximize your ministry time. We want to help you have the essential supplies you need, solve technology related problems, or perhaps repair a vehicle that has succumbed to the rigors of the rough operating environment you live and serve in. We want to do what we can so you can focus on people instead of those extra challenges.

We fly so you can go the distance: We want you to be able to serve longer and go farther. We know ministry is often a long term process. We want you to be free to deepen relationships with those around as you share the Good News and the love of Christ. We want to celebrate with you as over the years entire communities are transformed through power of the Gospel.

Since 1975, AIM AIR has been providing aviation support to Christian individuals and organizations in Eastern and Central Africa. Our team is made up of both missionary and salaried professionals from several countries all over the world. Together we operate and maintain 3 Cessna Caravans (seating up to 12 passengers) and Cessna 206s (seating up to 5 passengers). In addition to working on the aircraft, our highly qualified team members are eager to work with you to overcome technical or logistical obstacles you may face in your ministry location.

Our two main airbases are located in Nairobi, Kenya and Arua, Uganda. From those airbases, we can safely fly you to nearly every location in eastern and central Africa.

Arua, Uganda

AIM AIR’s Arua base in northwest Uganda serves missionaries and Christian organizations throughout the Democratic Republic of Congo, Central African Republic, South Sudan and Uganda.

Nairobi, Kenya

AIM AIR’s main office is located at Wilson Airport on Langata Road in Nairobi. You are very welcome to come by in person to book your flight, make a payment, or discuss flight details. Our office is open during weekdays between 8 and 5.

Jerry Hurd, General Manager


For Flight Requests

Phone: +254 733-687-056

For Radio Base

Lindsey Gray
Chief Pilot


Our team of experienced missionary pilots regularly transports cargo to many locations throughout Central and Eastern Africa.

How We Serve

  • Provide safe, reliable, and economical air transport services
  • Deliver supplies and mail to remote missionary stations
  • Transport children to boarding school
  • Conduct medical evacuations

Who We Serve

We serve members of the Africa Inland Mission community, the local churches in Africa, other evangelical missionaries, and Christian relief and development agencies.

Joe Wagnell
Avionics Manager


The Avionics Radio Base team is an FAA-certified and Kenyan-licensed repair station that is a vital part of the ministry of AIM AIR.

How We Serve

Do you have any electrical parts that need to be repaired? The Avionics Radio Base (located in Nairobi) is both a US and Kenya licensed repair station that is a vital part of the ministry of AIM AIR.

In addition to repairing electrical components on our aircraft, we also provide electrical repair for missionaries (sound equipment, UPS devices, televisions, phones, etc.) for a small fee. We are happy to pick up your parts and deliver them on the next AIM AIR flight.

Who We Serve

The Avionics department primarily serves AIM AIR’s fleet of airplanes. On a case by case basis, we can provide electrical repairs for individual members of the Africa Inland Mission community.


How We Serve

The maintenance department for AIM AIR is both U.S. and Kenya registered to be a repair station for in-house airplanes. The skilled crew of five missionary and nine Kenyan mechanics work to keep AIM AIR’s fleet of Caravans and 206s in the best working order so that our pilots can continue to efficiently serve the missionary community.

Who We Serve

We serve the AIM AIR fleet exclusively.