On-Field Media: AIM’s Storytellers

Africa Inland Mission (AIM) is a large organization with hundreds of missionaries in active service. And in the more than one hundred years of mission work, AIM has shared merely a glimpse of what God has been doing. These stories are a treasure so often lost because we are busy being missionaries.

Aiming to tell more of these stories is the focus of AIM’s On-Field Media team (OFM). We are missionaries who are dedicated photographers, videographers, and writers. With a heart for communicating what God is about and a common stake in the missionary endeavor, we bring a unique set of technical and creative skills to the work of missions.

The OFM team is made up of missionaries—full-term, short-term, and freelance contributors. We are field-based—where the stories are—and we are mobile, able to go anywhere the requests or opportunities may take us.

How we serve:

  • Capture and create stories throughout Africa using various forms of media
  • Make content available for AIM’s broad communication needs, as well as the specific needs of individual missionaries
  • Provide resources and training to help missionaries become better communicators themselves

Who we serve:

We accept requests from AIM Mobilizing and Receiving Regions, as well as individual AIM missionaries. The OFM Team Leader takes the various requests and sets a quarterly schedule for the team. Priority for projects or assignments is dependent on many factors, including the resources available—personnel, funding, and time. You may make requests for particular video projects, photography, or even a written piece for your Regional publications.

Jordan Andre, Creative Manager


Email: mgr.ofm@aimint.org