KAIM Group Automobile Insurance

In Africa, a missionary relies on his vehicle in a way he never did before. It’s his main mode of transportation to all the places he needs to be, it protects him, and it connects him to civilization. Damage to or the loss of this vehicle can be devastating. KAIM Group Insurance is a ministry created to help expedite repairs to the vehicle, or in some cases, the purchase of another one. Our goal is to return a missionary to his ministry with minimal hassle and disruption.

How We Serve

  • Provide automobile insurance to our missionaries in all African countries
  • Inform the community on responsible vehicle ownership and maintenance while in a foreign country

Who We Serve

KAIM Group Insurance is available exclusively to members of the Africa Inland Mission community or to those seconded to AIM full time. If there is third-party coverage available, all those KAIM members must be compliant with their country’s auto insurance laws.

For members who drive in Kenya, we are in association with a Third Party broker called Trust Mark.

Anna Mosby, KAIM Representative


Email: kaim.abs@aimint.org

Phone: +254 733 534 626