Information Technology: Communication Assistance

Africa, with its harsh climate, constant dust, and lack of computer repair stations, can greatly shorten the lifespan of a computer. Contact with the outside world and with their fellow missionaries is very important for missionaries everywhere, and the failure of a computer can be a great detriment to a person’s ministry.

The Information Technology Department seeks to make sure everyone is able to communicate with their loved ones as much and as often as they need. But just as importantly, the Information Technology Department ensures that internal communication between coworkers and other members of Africa Inland Mission runs smoothly.

How We Serve

The Information Technology Department provides four major services:

  1. Help Desk. We offer computer advice and assist missionaries in finding and purchasing computers, software, or parts.
  2. Hardware Repairs. The IT Department is a safe place for missionaries to send their computer for repairs. We are highly-skilled and take precautions to protect any sensitive information.
  3. IT Solutions. We develop softwares that help all the Africa-Based Services departments communicate well together and function effectively.
  4. IT User Training: We hold seminars and training courses at AIM conferences.

Who We Serve

The Information Technology Department is here to offer assistance to members of the Africa Inland Mission community and to those of other like-minded ministries.

William Lang’at, IT Specialist


For the Help Desk